Virtual Paintout…SEPT. 2015 (UTAH)



Bryce Canyon National Park

8″ x 10″ (Oil on Canvas Board)

Well, it’s September and we travel “Virtually”, to the rugged canyons of Utah, specifically Bryce Canyon National Park.  I selected a canyon scene displaying the brilliant orange rocks, flowing stream and distant mountain ranges. There were lots of pine trees and many dead falls. I have a painter friend traveling this same area right now with his wife and he has been sending back some beautiful photos. This image is from Google’s Streetview, but they had to film this with a shoulder mounted camera walking on the paths that go through the canyons. Thank you google. I hope to travel here soon myself.

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Virtual Paintout…March 2015 (Greenland)

Tasiilaq, Sermersooq, Greenland
8″ x 10″ (Oil on Canvas Board)

Location Link

For the month of March, 2015 we traveled to the Island of Greenland.  The population is sparse and not too much is green, except this “Green House”. Most of the people live in fishing villages along both coasts.  Check out the other ART for this month at

Virtual Paintout…Sept 2012(Zealand)


This month we travel to Zealand, Denmark. It is an island off Denmark and is a popular tourist destination with many interesting things to see.  I found this little white cottage to paint. It was on a rural corner and had street signs/direction markers to the next towns, but they were down low to the ground. I found that interesting and decided to try to capture this quaint cottage for this month’s virtual paintout. Use Google Maps to search out scenes from all over the would in “Street View”. Also, follow “Virtual Paintout” monthly paintings at